It’s pristine Beaches Will Leave You Breathless

Costa Rica has nearly 300 different beaches along its stunning Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, each one with a different and particular setting… ideal for all tastes! Even on nearby beaches the sand can vary from white, black, or brown coloration.

Costa Rica is surrounded by sea, despite it is not an island, thanks to the access the country has to the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea in its coastal borders. Some of them are fantastic for swimming and snorkeling, and others are better for surfing.

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In fact, Costa Rican beaches has welcomed and hosted a lot of international surf championships; its waves are well known and highly appreciated all around the world.

The weather in the beaches of Costa Rica is warm due to the tropical climate characteristic of the region, and the temperature of the Ocean’s water is hot, not so much, but it is not cold at all. Even though, you can refresh in the water and stay comfortable in it.

If you are running away from cold here you have the perfect reason to plan your vacations to Costa Rica! Here you will find the perfect match between warmth of the weather and of its people, fun, aquatic sports, unforgettable landscapes, and the perfect scenery to share your time with your beloved ones.

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